All our plants are grown in top quality Melcourt peat free compost with added slow release fertiliser and a biological control for vine weevil. To make our list a plant must be hardy, have good pest and disease resistance and require minimal maintenance. 


Our plants are propagated by us from seed, cuttings and division or bought in from reputable nurseries. Every plant is sold with a descriptive label and is ready to plant out in your garden. 


‘Right plant right place’ is a fundamental element of our planting ethos. We always offer advice on selecting plants that match the growing conditions they will be planted in so they will prosper and reward you with years of pleasure.


We hope a visit to the nursery will help you find inspiration for your garden. We are a friendly team that love talking about plants and are happy to give advice on selecting the right plants for you and your garden. 





Our plant list for 2016 is full of lots of exciting new plants to tempt our customers. As always our selection has been chosen with a plants garden worthiness in mind.


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Our Plants