Our Plants

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We work hard to grow plants to the highest levels of health and vigour. Any plants bought from us will be ready to plant and will establish quickly in your garden given the right conditions. 

Plants are grown in different size pots depending on the time of year and the requirements of each plant. Generally we use 9cm, 1litre, 2litre and 3litre pots, which are all made from recyclable plastic that can be reused until they are no longer fit for purpose and then put out for kerbside recycling or taken to your local recycling centre.

Our aim is to propagate as much of our plant material as we can ourselves, we grow plants from seed, cuttings and division. Any plants that have breeders rights are bought in from reputable suppliers and grown on until ready for sale.

Being a small independant nursery means that not all of the plants on our list will be available at any one time. If you are travelling to the nursery for a particular plant we recommend getting in touch before your visit to guarantee we have some in stock.